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Energy Saving Tips

Saving isn't just about consuming less

  • Don't put off fixing those leaky taps. A tap dripping once every second wastes 1000 litres per month. That's 40 bathtubs full of water!
  • Low flow shower heads conserve energy without changing water pressure. They use up to 60 per cent less water than standard fixtures and still do what a traditional shower head does.
  • Turning off your computer can save energy. If you need to leave your computer on, try just turning off the monitor. It typically uses more than half of the computer system’s energy.
  • Consider turning off your home entertainment systems when not in use, they can be one of the largest energy drains in a household. Yes, this includes your PVR and game console!
  • LED light bulbs use up to 75 per cent less energy than traditional light bulbs. Little changes can make a big difference in consumption as well as your monthly energy cost.
  • Installing solar-powered outdoor pathway lights is one of the easiest ways to use solar energy at home. You can light up your way at night without ongoing consumption and cost.
  • Plant leafy green trees on the sunny side of your home. In the summer leaves provide cool shade, and the bare branches in the winter let warm sunlight through. These temperature impacts on the outside affect your energy consumption inside.


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